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Wanna Work for Beauty Industry? We need You!

For those of us who work in the beauty industry, our jobs are a dream fulfilled every single day. We work with amazing people, we love the products and we get to work on some of the most creative projects out there. We could pinch ourselves if we weren’t so tired all of the time…but seriously, who can complain when you love what you do? So join us now if you love what you do.

Do you enjoy pampering your friends when they’re feeling sad? Are beauty products a doddle for you to use? Do you look at other people’s make-over’s and think you could do a better job?
If this sounds like you, and want a job where you get paid to give makeovers, then maybe it’s time to consider a career in beauty.

Part teaching hairdressing, beauty therapy and holistic therapies and part management of the programme team and area. on a day to day basis I will spend some time teaching and the rest evaluating performance and reporting to senior management.

Their priority is to assist their companies acquire new customers and sell additional products or services to existing ones; this means the role is a crucial one for any business with the ambition to expand or the necessity to diversify its clientele. It also means that effective business development managers are in high demand in nearly every job sector there is, including business-to-business, business-to-customer, and even non-profit organisations.

Open Positions

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Beauty Programme Leader Seremban, Rasah Beauty January 5, 2017
Beauty Therapist Rasah, Seremban Face care January 5, 2017
Business Development Executive Seremban, Rasah Business Development January 5, 2017

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